Sub-leasing to Sure Home Stays

How it works!

Are you currently operating a furnished or short-term rental and the work has become too much of a burden? Well, we're here to help!

Sure Home Stays will assume your existing sublease and/or sign a new lease to relieve the existing management of their monthly, long-term lease liability. 

After the land-owner has agreed to the sublease or new lease, Sure Home Stays will now be solely responsible for the future management and costs of the furnished or short-term rental.   

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Frequently asked questions

What Makes Sure Home Stays Different?

Sure Home Stays master-leases and manages entire buildings or blocks of floors. We fully design and outfit these spaces and host clients for stays ranging from a few nights to several months. Backed by over $18 million in venture capital funding, Sure Home Stays provides guaranteed income and peace of mind for your investment.

How Do I Know If My Property Is The Right Fit?

Sure Home Stays offers the most flexible master lease tenant solution in the industry, but there are a few things we’re sticklers about: Your property must meet Sure Home Stays 4 Core Property Standards, which are that every guest should arrive to a property that is Safe, Clean, Guest Ready, and As Advertised. You must have approval from your city and (if applicable) homeowners association to operate your property as a short-term rental. Please fill out the brief form below to see if you qualify for Sure Home Stays Lease Take-over.

Who Is Responsible For The On-Going Lease/Property Expenses?

Once your lease has been signed over Sure Home Stays, we take it from there. Sure Home Stays becomes the tenant solely responsible for all future management, expenses, and risks associated with the furnished, short-term rental.

What About The Furnishings?

Sure Home Stays offers flexible solutions to relieve the headache of discarding second hand, unwanted furniture. Depending on the quality and design, we may offer the fair market value, second-hand prices for the furniture, or simply disregard it for you.

How Soon Can I Exit My Lease?

Sure Home Stays acts quick, the more information we have upfront, the quicker the process is for us. Once the information is in hand, we would need roughly a 2-week period to get our systems organized to officially help you exit your existing lease.

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by speaking with a Sure Home Stays Rental Advisor and completing a brief application below, which helps us determine if Sure Home Stays can be a good fit for you. Once the paperwork is completed, you’ll meet your Onboarding Manager, who will take you through a detailed onboarding call. This is where we get in-depth on everything there is to know about your property.

What Information Does Sure Home Stays Need To Start?

Please have the following information readily available:
1) Address (Street & City) 2) Current Listing Link (Airbnb, etc) 3) Lease cost and all operating expenses ($) 4) Photos 5) Copy of existing lease

How Many Units Can You Take Over?

If the properties fit our criteria, we can take on as many as possible. Each unit is based on a unit per unit basis.


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