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Gross Revenue Generated
$8+ Million USD

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9.1 / 10 
Guest Reviews
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Our Reviews

Our Value Proposition

As investors, we understand the importance of asset protection first, and maximizing revenue secondly.

Serving 13 Cities Across North America 🌐


Increased Returns

Our in-house revenue management team returns a gross rent of more than 2.5x times the traditional market rent.

We manage homes that are performing 6.6x market rent.


Asset Protection


As investors, we understand risk management, protecting your asset and investment.


Via our proprietary screening software and partnerships, the outcome of any guest-related damage over $1,000 is .004%. (or 1 incident in every 63 years.)


Hands-off Management


We cover every aspect from; marketing, 24/7 guest relations, guest screening, scheduled cleaning services, repair/maintenance services, bookkeeping, and more.


The only time our owners hear from us is when we are depositing booking revenue.

Asset Protection

Noise monitoring

Prevent noise issues by tracking not just how loud it is, but how long it is loud for, so you won’t be alerted every time a door slams.


Motion & temperature

Know when your guests arrive or check out, and if the A/C of heating has been left on.



Peace of mind knowing your property is 100% privacy-safe.


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Smart home alarm

Get an instant notification if any unexpected motion is detected in your property.


Recognize other alarms

Our systems recognize and alert you to other alarms going off, such as smoke and CO.

Security & Access

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Sure Home Stays team provides seamless guest access with robust security:


Upon a guests booking confirmation, a digital access code is generated, which will provide them access to everything they need during their stay.


Codes are unique to each guest and only work during their stay. Sure Home Stays staff and vendors have their own unique codes as well.


This system allows Sure Home Stays to fully monitor who has accessed all areas of the building at all times. The custom codes also allow for seamless guest experience and increased security. Sure Home Stasy will always retain a master key.


In future upgrades, keypads will be replaced with proximity readers and biometric scanners.

Guest Screening & Verification 

Sure Home Stays employs a four-step verification process and fraud prevention system to ensure all guests are vetted each time. Our dedicated Trust & Safety team utilizes machine learning and cross-references guests against a blacklist. Sure Home Stays will be partnering with security technology firms to further enhance our background checks.


Social media is cross-referenced utilizing Artificial intelligence, credit cards are pre-checked for fraud, deposits are held at confirmation, and processed one-day prior to check-in.  Guests are not granted access until all the pre-screening verification is completed. 

Click here for more details and our 16-point approach to guest screening


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Marketing Partners

Marketing is critical to your property's performance; we partnered with 13 of the top Online Travel Agencies to deliver the highest level of exposure to your property.

  • What Makes Sure Home Stays Different?
    Sure Home Stays is on a mission to redefine vacation rental management. We focus on the complex task of marketing and booking your home and give you the flexibility to configure on-the-ground services to your liking. We are location agnostic; over the years, we have built systems and teams that allow us to deploy into any market and deliver the same 5-star customer service while maintaining expense control. We developed an internal technology stack that allows us to leverage the properties' highest income-generating attributes while ensuring asset protection and risk mitigation. Most companies will charge 30-50% of your rental income in exchange for providing a "full-service" management solution. But let's face it: the vacation rental landscape has changed, and the average manager lacks the resources and expertise to promote your property effectively. They also charge exorbitant commissions for on-the-ground services that do not convince travellers to book your rental. Our fresh approach to vacation rental management means you get unbeatable performance and unrivalled flexibility − all for an industry-low booking fee of just 20%. We only get paid when you do.
  • How Does Sure Home Stays Management Work?
    When you hire with Sure Home Stays, you'll immediately see why our owners find it easy to reach their rental goals. Here's what you can expect: Never pay for marketing again. Sure Home Stays creates a professional and highly enticing listing for your property and promotes it on the top vacation rental websites at no cost to you. Say goodbye to answering inquiries night and day. Our in-house team of Travel Advisors responds quickly to every query, answers questions about your property, and confirms bookings seven days a week − even on nights and weekends. Get world-class support - from real people. We handle all pre- and post-stay communication with your guests and onsite partners, and our team is always just a phone call away. Manage onsite services your way. Sure Home Stays gives you a full range of options for managing on-the-ground services, including self-service, continuing to work with the people you already know and trust, or working with one of our vetted local partners. Discover true peace of mind while renting. Every booking is protected by our Property Protection Plus program with up to $1,000,000 in damage protection and $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Enjoy a more profitable rental - entirely risk-free. There's no cost to join, no term commitment and no hidden fees - just our incredibly low booking fee of only 20%!
  • How Do I Know If My Property Is The Right Fit? (Regulations)
    Sure Home Stays offers the most flexible management solution in the industry, but there are a few things we're sticklers about: Your rental must meet Sure Home Stays two Core Property Standards, which are that every guest should arrive at a Safe, Clean, Guest Ready and As-Advertised property. Your Sure Home Stays calendar must be updated at all times to avoid the potential for double bookings. You must have approval from your city and (if applicable) homeowners association to operate your property as a short-term rental. Our consulting team is available to advise on navigating the local regulation process aswell as presenting your property in the best light to homeowner associations. In one instant, one of our clients, HOA, planned a voted to ban short-term rentals (STRs) altogether from their community. We developed a marketing campaign for our client and their fellow operators, consisting of designing and issuing direct mail campaigns to everyone in the HOA, developing a website to highlight how the benefits of STRs outweigh the negatives, and helping draft a proposal to the HOA board that was later approved and passed! Click here to view the website Postcard Example:
  • Will You Promote My Rental To Travelers?
    Your rental will appear on the Sure Home Stays Vacation Rental website, which enjoys a rapidly growing reputation among travellers as the best site for curated, quality vacation rentals. We also distribute your property on 13 major marketplaces for vacation rentals, such as VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, and TripAdvisor - but we need something else to make our promotional efforts work so well. Anyone can create a listing. We create listings that convert browsing travellers into paying guests. Every listing site has its own algorithm for determining which properties will appear first in the search results, and it can be challenging to crack that code to keep your rental at the top of the results. Our teams are devoted to ensuring your listing's performance, starting with a professionally written and photographed listing and continuing with ongoing analysis and optimization. Beyond our marketing efforts on the major listing sites, we use paid search and display ads to attract travellers who are looking for vacation rentals online. Our database marketing efforts will help to encourage past guests to book over and over again. Put simply? Sure Home Stays properties get more travellers to book, and we are constantly evolving our strategy.Naturally, your rental will appear on the Sure Home Stays Vacation Rental website, which is enjoying a rapidly growing reputation among travelers as the best site for curated, quality vacation rentals. We also distribute your property on the major marketplaces for vacation rentals: VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb, FlipKey, and TripAdvisor - but that’s not what makes our promotional efforts work so well. Anyone can create a listing. We create listings that convert browsing travelers into paying guests. Every listing site has its own algorithm for determining which properties will appear first in the search results, and it can be very difficult to crack that code to keeping your rental at the top of the results. We’ve got multiple teams devoted to ensuring your listing’s performance, starting with a professionally written and photographed listing and continuing through with ongoing analysis and optimization. Beyond our marketing efforts on the major listing sites, we use paid search and display ads to attract travelers who are looking for vacation rentals online, and our database marketing efforts will help to encourage past guests to book over and over again. Put simply? Sure Home Stays properties get more travelers to book, and we are constantly evolving our strategy.
  • How Do You Handle On-The-Ground Services?
    You’ll see our unrivaled flexibility at its best when it comes to providing on-the-ground services to your guests. It’s our belief that owners know best how to service their properties, and we give you a full range of options for doing so with Sure Home Stays, including self-service, continuing to use your own trusted partners, or working with one of our vetted local partners. If you need help finding a reliable local partner, our ever-expanding partner network can help you with guest check-ins, housekeeping, maintenance, and more. Better yet, all of our partners are fixed-fee based so you’ll never get stuck paying excessive commissions for on-the-ground property management services.
  • How Do You Determine Pricing For My Home?
    You don't want to leave money on the table at any time of year, and Sure Home Stays dynamic pricing strategy is designed to ensure that you always get the most bookings at the best possible price. To establish the optimal rates for your home, our analysts will start by performing an in-depth review of comparable rental properties in your area. Our dynamic rate engine will then continue to optimize your rates on a daily basis by accounting for a vast number of factors, including occupancy, seasonality, and fluctuations in demand. We know that rock-bottom pricing is an owner's worst nightmare, which is why our pricing strategy includes an essential precaution: we will never book your home for less than the "Minimum Nightly Rate" that you have pre-approved for a specific time period. That way, you get the best of both worlds - no cut-rate prices, but no empty months on your calendar, either!
  • How Do You Handle Traveler Inquiries?
    You may already know that it's essential to answer traveller inquiries within minutes - or risk losing the booking. We've eliminated the need for homeowners to be on-call around the clock with our in-house team of Travel Advisors. They respond quickly and professionally to every inquiry, pitch your property to past guests, and confirm reservations on your behalf. They're available by phone, email, and live chat seven days a week - including nights and weekends. Our Travel Advisors are also equipped to answer questions about your rental using the information we've gathered during the onboarding process. You won't need to continually answer questions like "Which rooms have TVs?" - we'll be able to give the traveller that information on the spot.
  • How Do You Screen Potential Guests?
    We know that your guests aren't just booking a vacation -- they're booking your home. That's why we've worked so hard to create a screening process that will help you sleep easy. This process is easy for both you and your guests. We offer auto-confirmation while still catching the red flags we've found often contribute to the rare issue. Here's what we look out for: - Requests over $5,000 -30+ night stays -Bookings within seven days of check-in -Guest's billing city is in your property's city -Listings in high-fraud areas When it comes to pets, large groups, or age requirements, you set the rules during onboarding, and we'll screen guests accordingly! And if your guest chooses to book by phone, our Travel Advisor team will keep an eye out for the same factors -- and turn down the booking if it's not a fit.
  • How Are Guest Payments Handled?
    All Sure Home Stays bookings are processed using a credit card, and guest payments are released to your bank account at the end of each month. This is the easiest and safest system for guests and offers you increased protection against fraudulent payments. Sure Home Stays handles all payment processing, refunds, and chargebacks via our processing partner, Nuvei. Nuvei charges a credit card processing fee of 3% on payments made within The U.S. and Canada and 5% for international transactions. Every payment processor charges a percentage fee for the ability to take credit cards online, and we've negotiated the lowest possible rate for our owners to ensure they can keep their total costs of vacation rental ownership down.
  • Do You Help With Guest Communication?
    Yes! Sure Home Stays manages all pre- and post-stay communication with your guests. This includes booking confirmations, payment notifications, check-in instructions and review requests. We also provide direct communication with your chosen housekeeping service when a new booking is made, and reach out to your local contact directly if a guest reports an issue that needs in-person attention. Communication is integral to the guests' experience and asset protection. Therefore, our company policy is a 2-minute rule. This means our team must respond to a guest's message, email or missed phone call within 2 minutes. Since introducing our rapid response time, we've realized a significant uptick in postive guest reviews and a reduction in maintenance issues.
  • How Do You Handle Secruity Deposits And Property Damage?
    Depending on the property owners requirements, booking source, booking size and guest screening outcomes, guests may be asked to provide a security deposit hold on their credit card up to $500. For management contracts, Sure Home Stays offers an industry-leading Property Protection Plus insurance program, fully backed by The Co-operators and Fudge Insurance, providing up to $1,000,000 in property damage protection and $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Damage protection coverage helps our owners avoid one of the common headaches of vacation rental: disputes with guests over what portion of the deposit to refund in the case of small accidental damages. The Property Protection Plus program ensures that you can easily get broken or damaged items replaced without having to dispute with - or upset - your guests. Per the terms of our Rental Agreement, guests are responsible for any damage not covered by or exceeding the coverage of the Property Protection Plus insurance program. If such damages occur, dependant on the OTA, Sure Home Stays may have the ability to assess a post-stay charge directly to the guest on your behalf.
  • Can I Still Enjoy My Home For Personal Use?
    Of course! You are free to block your Sure Home Stays calendar for personal use at any time as long as your property is available during your desired dates. However, if you’re planning to use your home for the majority of the year, our service might not be the best fit for you.
  • What Are Your Fees?
    We have an industry low 20% fee on accommodation revenue, which is only charged when we secure a reservation on your property. There’s no sign-up fee with Sure Home Stays, a 6-month commitment to a contract period, and no cancellation fee. Sure Home Stays commission-based pricing structure means we only make money when you make money, which keeps us 100% motivated to maximize your rental income. Our owners don’t stick with us because they have to finish out a contract - they stay because they love the service they receive and the rental income they’re making as an Sure Home Stays owner.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    You can get started by speaking with a Vacation Rental Advisor and completing a brief homeowner application, which helps us determine if Sure Home Stays can be a good fit for you. 1) You'll then sign up by agreeing to our terms and conditions, providing some basic details about your property, and banking details so we can send guest payments directly to your bank account. 2) Once the paperwork is completed, you'll meet your Onboarding Manager, who will take you through a detailed onboarding call. This is where we get in-depth on everything there is to know about your property so we can field inquiries and answer questions on your behalf. 3) During the onboarding call you'll set up an appointment for professional photography. We'll cover the cost of the shoot, but we do ask that you follow our guidelines for preparing your property to ensure we get great results. 4) If your property is currently un-furnished, we will have our in-house interior designers create a marketing plan that best suits your home, free of charge. (All furniture/decor costs are the homeowner's expense). 5) Once we have the photos, we'll send all your details over to our Marketing team, who will build a professionally optimized listing for your property, complete with your professional photos, a great description, all your property details, and dynamic nightly rates. 6) We'll then show you your new listing for final approval. If everything looks good, our team will begin fielding traveller inquiries and confirming bookings on your behalf! The entire process takes about one to two weeks for owners ready to have their properties photographed immediately. (Though we've been known to get properties up and running in as little as 5 days if an owner can schedule a shoot and quickly give us all the information we need!) Ready to make more bookings with less hassle? Contact us at bookings@surehomestays to get started today! Or, fill out the forum at the top of this page, and we'll contact you!


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Meaningful Stays in Remarkable Homes.

We outperform traditional property managers for a fraction of the cost.


Professional Listing


Daily Pricing Adjustments

Professional Photography

Increased Security


24/7 Guest Relations

Maintenance Staff

Multi-Channel Integration 

Professional House Keeping


Local City Managers


Monthly Profit Reports

Interior Design

Pre-Screened Guests

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